Suffolk County Incarcerations (Massachusetts)

Suffolk County Jails and Prisons incarcerate convicted criminals at the Federal, Massachusetts State, and local Suffolk County level, and they also detain people awaiting trial or after an arrest in Massachusetts. Jails and Prisons maintain detailed records about the people they incarcerate, which includes arrest records, convictions and court sentences, and prior incarcerations. These records contain personal information about convicts, such as their name, date of birth, mug shots, and aliases. Jail and Prison records also list people on the Suffolk County sex offender registry and all felony and misdemeanor incarcerations. These Suffolk County incarceration records are an important source of information for a background check. Suffolk County Jail and Prison incarceration records may be available to the public through an online search database.

Boston Police Department Headquarters Boston MA 1 Schroeder Plaza 02120

Boston Pre-Release Center Boston MA 430 Canterbury Street 02131 617-822-5000

Dorchester Prison Boston MA 516 Warren Street 02121 617-427-2522

Elliot Hillside Detention Center Boston MA 1542 Columbus Avenue 02119

Judge John Connelly Youth Center Boston MA 450 Canterbury Street 02131 617-474-8101

Lemuel Shattuck Hospital Correctional Unit Boston MA 180 Morton Street 02130 617-522-7585

Suffolk County Police Departments act as law enforcement agencies, and they stop and investigate crimes in Massachusetts. As part of this job, the Police maintain records on current and former inmates, including Suffolk County incarceration records. These records include information such as the individual's name, date of birth, mug shots, and the length of all prison sentences. They also list the offenses, both felonies and misdemeanors, which led to jail time. Incarceration records list someone's Suffolk County criminal history, such as arrests, warrants, and convictions. These records play an important role in conducting a thorough background check. Police Departments may provide online access to their incarceration information.

Amtrak Railroad Police Boston MA 1 Schroeder Plaza 02120 617-345-7801

Boston Housing Authority Public Safety Boston MA 129 Amory Street 02119 617-988-5309

Boston Police - Harbor Patrol Boston MA 34 Drydock Avenue 02210 617-343-4721

Boston Police Department - Headquarters Boston MA 1 Schroeder Plaza 02120 617-343-4200

Boston Police Department District A-1 Boston MA 40 Sudbury Street 02114 617-343-4240

Boston Police Department District A-7 Boston MA 69 Paris Street 02128 617-343-4220

Boston Police Department District B-2 Boston MA 135 Dudley Street 02119 617-343-4270

Boston Police Department District B3 Boston MA 1165 Blue Hill Avenue 02124 617-343-4700

Boston Police Department District C-11 Boston MA 40 Gibson Street 02122 617-343-4330

Boston Police Department District C-6 Boston MA 101 West Broadway 02127 617-343-4730

Boston Police Department District D-14 Boston MA 301 Washington Street 02135 617-343-4260

Boston Police Department District D-4 Boston MA 650 Harrison Avenue 02118 617-343-4250

Boston Police Department District E-13 Boston MA 3345 Washington Street 02130 617-343-5630

Boston Police Department District E-18 Boston MA 1249 Hyde Park Avenue 02136 617-343-5600

Boston Police Department District E-5 Boston MA 1708 Centre Street 02132 617-343-4560

Boston School Police Boston MA 213 Townsend Street 02121 617-635-8000

Boston School Police Boston MA 26 Court Street 02108

Boston University Campus Police Boston MA 32 Harry Agganis Way 02215 617-353-2121

Bunker Hill Community College Public Safety Boston MA 250 New Rutherford Avenue 02129 617-228-2241

Chelsea Police Department Chelsea MA 19 Park Street 02150 617-660-1555

Fisher College Campus Police Boston MA 116 Beacon Street 02116 617-236-8800

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Transit Police Department Boston MA 240 Southampton Street 02118 617-222-1100

Massachusetts College Of Art Campus Security - Public Safety Boston MA 621 Huntington Avenue 02115 617-879-7803

Massachusetts Environmental Police - Headquarters Boston MA 251 Causeway Street, 101 02114 617-626-1650

Massachusetts Port Authority Police Boston MA 1 Black Falcon Avenue 02210 617-330-1500

Massachusetts Port Authority Police - Boston Autoport Boston MA 100 Terminal Street 02129 617-568-5000

Massachusetts Port Authority Police - Conley Terminal Boston MA Farragut Road 02127 617-464-8200

Massachusetts State Police - Boston Boston MA 250 Leverett Circle 02114 617-727-6780

Massachusetts State Police - Brighton Boston MA 1400 Soldiers Field Road 02135 617-727-4812

Massachusetts State Police - Government Center Boston MA 1 Ashburton Place 02108 617-727-2917

Massachusetts State Police - Logan Boston MA 1 Harborside Drive 02128 617-568-7300

Massachusetts State Police - Revere Revere MA 220 Revere Beach Boulevard 02151 781-284-0038

Massachusetts State Police - South Boston Boston MA 125 William J Day Boulevard 02125 617-740-7710

Massachusetts State Police Troop E - 4 South Boston Boston MA 100 Haul Road 02210 617-946-3000

Northeastern University Department Of Public Safety Boston MA 716 Columbus Avenue 02120 617-373-2000

Revere Police Department Revere MA 400 Revere Beach Parkway 02151 781-284-1212

Suffolk County US Marshals Service Offices house and transport federal prisoners, and they also deliver convicts to Bureau of Prisons facilities in Massachusetts. The US Marshals maintain records for the individuals in their custody, including incarceration records. These Suffolk County criminal records list the inmate's name, inmate number, and mug shots, as well as the prisons where they were incarcerated. They also provide information on the charges which led to incarceration and the individual's trial and sentence. US Marshals incarceration records list the individual's criminal history, including Suffolk County arrests for felonies and misdemeanors. Incarceration records provide crucial information for conducting a Suffolk County background check. The US Marshals Service Office may provide online access to their incarceration records.

Boston Massachusetts US Marshals Service Boston MA 1 Courthouse Way, 1500 02210 617-748-2500

Suffolk County Courts resolve legal disputes at the federal, state, or local level, including misdemeanors and felonies in Massachusetts. Courts maintain records on all of their cases, which list an individual's Suffolk County criminal history and their incarceration records. These records show the convict's name, date of birth, aliases, mug shots, and all criminal arrests and trials. They also list prior and current incarcerations, the jail or prison where the person was incarcerated, and the charges that led to jail time. An incarceration record search through a Suffolk County Court provides detailed information on individuals who have been convicted of crimes, making it an important step in conducting a background check. Incarceration records may be available online through the Suffolk County Court's website.

Boston Municipal Court Boston MA 24 New Chardon Street 02114 617-788-8400

Brighton District Court Boston MA 52 Academy Hill Road 02135

Center District Court Boston MA 24 New Chardon Street 02114 617-788-8700

Charlestown District Court Boston MA 3 City Square 02129 617-242-5400

Chelsea District Court Chelsea MA 120 Broadway 02150 617-660-9357

Dorchester District Court Boston MA 510 Washington Street 02124 617-288-9500

East Boston District Court Boston MA 37 Meridian Street 02128 617-569-7550