Wayne County Incarcerations

Search for Wayne County MI incarceration information. An incarceration search provides information on jail sentences, prison sentences, criminal history, criminal records, incarceration records, prior incarcerations, current incarcerations, inmate numbers, sex offender registry, arrest records, felony records, misdemeanor incarcerations, felony incarcerations, inmate locator, and background check information.

Wayne County Jails and Prisons incarcerate convicted criminals at the Federal, Michigan State, and local Wayne County level, and they also detain people awaiting trial or after an arrest in Michigan. Jails and Prisons maintain detailed records about the people they incarcerate, which includes arrest records, convictions and court sentences, and prior incarcerations. These records contain personal information about convicts, such as their name, date of birth, mug shots, and aliases. Jail and Prison records also list people on the Wayne County sex offender registry and all felony and misdemeanor incarcerations. These Wayne County incarceration records are an important source of information for a background check. Wayne County Jail and Prison incarceration records may be available to the public through an online search database.

Canton Jail Canton MI 1150 South Canton Center Road 48188 313-224-2222

Livonia Jail Livonia MI 15050 Farmington Road 48154 313-224-2222

Wayne County Courts resolve legal disputes at the federal, state, or local level, including misdemeanors and felonies in Michigan. Courts maintain records on all of their cases, which list an individual's Wayne County criminal history and their incarceration records. These records show the convict's name, date of birth, aliases, mug shots, and all criminal arrests and trials. They also list prior and current incarcerations, the jail or prison where the person was incarcerated, and the charges that led to jail time. An incarceration record search through a Wayne County Court provides detailed information on individuals who have been convicted of crimes, making it an important step in conducting a background check. Incarceration records may be available online through the Wayne County Court's website.

Allen Park District Court Allen Park MI 6515 Roosevelt Avenue 48101 313-928-0535

Dearborn District Court Dearborn MI 16077 Michigan Avenue 48126 313-943-2060

Detroit District Court Detroit MI 421 Madison Street 48226 313-965-2200

Ecorse District Court Ecorse MI 3869 West Jefferson Avenue 48229 313-386-7900

Garden City District Court Garden MI 6000 Middlebelt Road 48135 734-793-1680

Gross Pointe Shores Municipal Court Village of Grosse Pointe Shores MI 795 Lake Shore Road 48236 313-881-5503

Gross Pointe Woods Municipal Court Grosse Pointe Woods MI 20025 Mack Plaza Drive 48236 313-343-2455

Grosse Point Municipal Court Grosse Pointe MI 17147 Maumee Avenue 48230 313-343-5262

Grosse Pointe Farms Municipal Court Grosse Pointe Farms MI 90 Kerby Road 48236 313-885-6600

Grosse Pointe Park Municipal Court Grosse Pointe Park MI 15115 East Jefferson Avenue 48230 313-822-3535

Hamtramck District Court Hamtramck MI 3401 Evaline Street 48212 313-876-7710

Harper Woods District Court Harper Woods MI 19617 Harper Avenue 48225 313-343-2590

Highland Park District Court Highland Park MI 12050 Woodward Avenue 48203 313-252-0300

Inkster District Court Inkster MI 27331 South River Park Drive 48141 313-277-8200

Lincoln Park District Court Lincoln Park MI 1475 Cleophus Parkway 48146 313-382-8653

Livonia District Court Livonia MI 15140 Farmington Road 48154 734-466-2500

Plymouth District Court Plymouth MI 660 Plymouth Road 48170 734-459-4740

Redford District Court Redford MI 15111 Beech-Daly Road 48239 313-387-2790

River Rouge District Court River Rouge MI 10600 West Jefferson Avenue 48218 313-842-7819

Wayne County Police Departments act as law enforcement agencies, and they stop and investigate crimes in Michigan. As part of this job, the Police maintain records on current and former inmates, including Wayne County incarceration records. These records include information such as the individual's name, date of birth, mug shots, and the length of all prison sentences. They also list the offenses, both felonies and misdemeanors, which led to jail time. Incarceration records list someone's Wayne County criminal history, such as arrests, warrants, and convictions. These records play an important role in conducting a thorough background check. Police Departments may provide online access to their incarceration information.

Allen Park Police Department Allen Park MI 16850 Southfield Road 48101 313-386-7800

Brownstown Twp Police Brownstown MI 23125 King Road 48183 734-675-1300

Canton Township Police Department Canton MI 1150 South Canton Center Road 48188 734-394-5400

City of Southgate Police Department Southgate MI 14710 Reaume Pwy Civic Cir 48195 734-258-3060

Dearborn Heights Police Department Dearborn Heights MI 25637 Michigan Avenue 48125 313-277-6770

Dearborn Police Department Dearborn MI 16099 Michigan Avenue 48126 313-943-2240

Detroit Police Department Detroit MI 11450 Warwick Street 48228 313-596-5600

Ecorse Police Department Ecorse MI 3869 West Jefferson Avenue 48229 313-381-0900

Flat Rock Police Department Flat Rock MI 25500 Gibraltar Road 48134 734-782-2496

Garden City Police Department Garden MI 6000 Middlebelt Road 48135 734-793-1700

Gibraltar Police Department Gibraltar MI 29400 Munro Street 48173 734-676-1022

Grosse Ile Twp Fire Department Grosse Ile MI 24525 Meridian Road 48138 734-676-7100

Grosse Pointe Farms Police Grosse Pointe Farms MI 90 Kerby Road 48236 313-885-2100

Grosse Pointe Police Department Grosse Pointe MI 17145 Maumee Avenue 48230 313-886-3200

Hamtramck Police Department Hamtramck MI 3456 Evaline Street 48212 313-876-7800

Harper Woods Police Department Harper Woods MI 19617 Harper Avenue 48225 313-343-2530

Highland Park Police Department Highland Park MI 14112 Woodward Avenue 48203 313-852-7338

Howell Police Department Plymouth MI 201 South Main Street 48170 517-546-1330

Huron Township Police Department Huron MI 37290 Huron River Drive 48164 734-753-4400

Inkster Police Department Inkster MI 27301 South River Park Drive 48141 313-563-9850

Lake Erie Metro Park Police Department Brownstown MI 32481 West Jefferson Avenue 48173 734-379-5020

Lincoln Park Police Department Lincoln Park MI 1427 Cleophus Parkway 48146 313-381-1800

Livonia Police Department Livonia MI 15050 Farmington Road 48154 734-466-2400

Melvindale Police Department Melvindale MI 3100 Oakwood 48122 313-429-1070

Northville Police Department Northville MI 215 West Main Street 48167 248-349-1234

Redford Department of Public Safety Redford MI 25833 Elsinore Street 48239 313-387-2585

River Rouge Police Department River Rouge MI 10600 West Jefferson Avenue 48218 313-842-8700

Riverview Police Department Riverview MI 14100 Civic Park Drive 48193 734-281-4222

Rockwood Police Department Rockwood MI 32409 Fort Road 48173 734-379-5323