Orange County Incarcerations

Search for Orange County NY incarceration information. An incarceration search provides information on jail sentences, prison sentences, criminal history, criminal records, incarceration records, prior incarcerations, current incarcerations, inmate numbers, sex offender registry, arrest records, felony records, misdemeanor incarcerations, felony incarcerations, inmate locator, and background check information.

Orange County Jails and Prisons incarcerate convicted criminals at the Federal, New York State, and local Orange County level, and they also detain people awaiting trial or after an arrest in New York. Jails and Prisons maintain detailed records about the people they incarcerate, which includes arrest records, convictions and court sentences, and prior incarcerations. These records contain personal information about convicts, such as their name, date of birth, mug shots, and aliases. Jail and Prison records also list people on the Orange County sex offender registry and all felony and misdemeanor incarcerations. These Orange County incarceration records are an important source of information for a background check. Orange County Jail and Prison incarceration records may be available to the public through an online search database.

Orange County Correctional Facility Goshen NY 110 Wells Farm Road 10924 845-291-7715

Orange County Police Departments act as law enforcement agencies, and they stop and investigate crimes in New York. As part of this job, the Police maintain records on current and former inmates, including Orange County incarceration records. These records include information such as the individual's name, date of birth, mug shots, and the length of all prison sentences. They also list the offenses, both felonies and misdemeanors, which led to jail time. Incarceration records list someone's Orange County criminal history, such as arrests, warrants, and convictions. These records play an important role in conducting a thorough background check. Police Departments may provide online access to their incarceration information.

Blooming Grove Police Department Washingtonville NY 2 Horton Road 10992 845-496-9161

Chester Village Police Department Chester NY 47 Main Street 10918 845-469-4681

Cornwall Police Department Cornwall-on-Hudson NY 183 Main Street 12518 845-534-8100

Crawford Police Department Pine Bush NY 121 Highway 302 12566 845-744-3300

Deerpark Police Department Huguenot NY 231 U.s. 209 12746 845-856-4333

Florida Village Police Department Florida NY 2 Cohen Circle 10921 845-651-4110

Greenwood Lake Village Police Department Greenwood Lake NY 16 Church Street 10925 845-477-9211

Harriman Police Department Dispatch Harriman NY 1 Maple Avenue 10926 845-782-6644

Highland Falls Police Department Highland Falls NY 301 Main Street 10928 845-446-4911

Highlands Town Police Department Fort Montgomery NY 976 North Route 9W 10922 845-446-4010

Maybrook Village Police Department Maybrook NY 109 Main Street 12543 845-427-2214

Montgomery Village Police Department Montgomery NY 65 Bachelor Street 12549 845-457-3666

Mount Hope Police Department Otisville NY 7 Baker Street 10963 845-386-9442

Newburgh Police Department Newburgh NY 300 Gardnertown Road 12550 845-564-1100

Port Jervis Police Detective Port Jervis NY 20 Hammond Street 12771 845-856-5101

The New Windsor Police Department New Windsor NY 555 Union Avenue 12553 845-565-7000

Town of Tuxedo Police Department Southfields NY 1075 Route 17 10975 845-351-5111

Town of Warwick Police Department Warwick NY 132 Kings Highway 10990 845-986-3423

Orange County Courts resolve legal disputes at the federal, state, or local level, including misdemeanors and felonies in New York. Courts maintain records on all of their cases, which list an individual's Orange County criminal history and their incarceration records. These records show the convict's name, date of birth, aliases, mug shots, and all criminal arrests and trials. They also list prior and current incarcerations, the jail or prison where the person was incarcerated, and the charges that led to jail time. An incarceration record search through an Orange County Court provides detailed information on individuals who have been convicted of crimes, making it an important step in conducting a background check. Incarceration records may be available online through the Orange County Court's website.

Blooming Grove Town Court Washingtonville NY 6 Horton Road 10992 845-496-7631

Chester Town Court Chester NY 1786 Kings Highway 10918 845-469-9541

Chester Village Court Chester NY 47 Main Street 10918 845-469-8584

Cornwall Town Court Cornwall-on-Hudson NY 183 Main Street 12518 845-534-8717

Crawford Town Court Pine Bush NY 121 Route 302 12566 845-744-2435

Deerpark Town Court Huguenot NY 420 U.s. 209 12746 845-856-2928

Florida Village Court Florida NY 33 South Main Street 10921 845-651-4940

Goshen Town Court Goshen NY 41 Webster Avenue 10924 845-294-6477

Goshen Village Court Goshen NY 276 Main Street 10924 845-294-5826

Greenville Town Court II Port Jervis NY 1537 U.s. 6 12771 845-856-4813

Greenwood Lake Village Court Greenwood Lake NY 47 Waterstone Road 10925 845-477-9218

Hamptonburgh Town Court Campbell Hall NY 18 Bull Road 10916 845-427-2424

Harriman Village Court Harriman NY 1 Church Street 10926 845-782-6853

Highlands Town Court Highland Falls NY 254 Main Street 10928 845-446-8666

Maybrook Village Court Maybrook NY 111 Schipps Lane 12543 845-427-2224

Middletown City Court Middletown NY 2 James Street 10940 845-476-3630

Minisink Town Court Westtown NY PO Box 349 10998 845-726-3700

Monroe Town Court Monroe NY 17 Lake Street 10950 845-782-8404

Monroe Village Court Monroe NY 17 Stage Road 10950 845-782-8721

Montgomery Town Court Montgomery NY 110 Bracken Road 12549 845-457-2620

Montgomery Village Court Montgomery NY 133 Clinton Street 12549 845-457-9037

Mount Hope Town Court Otisville NY 11 Baker Street 10963 845-386-5303

New Windsor Town Court New Windsor NY 555 Union Avenue 12553 845-563-4681

Newburgh City Court Newburgh NY 300 Broadway 12550 845-483-8100

Newburgh Town Court Newburgh NY 311 New York 32 12550 845-564-7161

Orange County Court Goshen NY 285 Main Street 10924 845-476-3500

Otisville Village Court Otisville NY 66 Highland Avenue 10963 845-386-1004

Port Jervis City Court Port Jervis NY 20 Hammond Street 12771 845-476-3700

Shawangunk Town Court Newburgh NY 14 Central Avenue 12550 845-895-2111

Orange County District Attorney Offices prosecute cases on behalf of the public, including misdemeanors and felonies, and they maintain records on their cases as well as the individuals they prosecute in New York. These can include incarceration records, which list the defendant's name, date of birth, any aliases, and all criminal arrests and trials. They also show all prior and current incarcerations, the Orange County jail or prison, and the charges that led to jail time. An incarceration search through the Orange County District Attorney Office provides information on people who have been convicted of crimes, making it an important part of a background check. The District Attorney Office may provide online access to some of their incarceration records.

Orange County District Attorney Goshen NY 255 Main Street 10924 845-291-2050

Orange County Sheriff Departments maintain public safety and order by stopping crimes and conducting investigations in New York. As part of their responsibilities, Sheriff Departments maintain records on current and former inmates. These Orange County incarceration records list information such as the individual's name, date of birth, mug shots, and the length of their prison sentences. They also show the offenses which led to jail time, including Orange County felonies and misdemeanors. Orange County incarceration records provide a view of the individual's criminal history, with information about all current and prior incarcerations as well as all arrests and convictions. Checking incarceration records is an important part of conducting a thorough Orange County background check. Many Sheriff Departments provide online access to incarceration records.

Orange County Sheriff's Office Goshen NY 110 Wells Farm Road 10924 845-291-4033